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2013 Winners

For full show report click on this link: Full Show Report


 Pat Scannell Trophy
Robert & Nora Trincado
Miami, FL
Charlie Anchor trophy 
Best Foreign Bird
Gary Morgan/Denise Cook
Brighton, CO 
Best Song Bird
David Bopp
Tipp City, OH


Luis Belchior
Berkley, MA
Winfield Checkley
St. Leonard, MD
Type Canaries
Tony Ruiz
St. Charles, IL
Old Varieties
Tony Guiomar
Hayward, CA
Mary Ann Buckles
Crescent City, CA
Fife Fancy
Jeremy Faria
Unionville Ontario
Donna Minor
Yorba Linda, CA
Lipochrome Colorbred
Robert & Nora Trincado
Miami, FL
Melanin Colorbred (Classic)
Robert & Nora Trincado
Miami, FL
Melanin Colorbred
(New Colors)
Fred & Claudio Gatto
Downsview Ontario
Finches and Softbills
Sally & Vince Huntington
San Diego, CA
Gary Morgan/Denise Cook 
Brighton, CO
Love Birds
Rares & Eye Rings
Jim Munis
St. Louis, MO
Love Birds
Linda Brandt
Cataula, GA
Chris Orowitz
Rineyville, KY
American Singers
Judy Snider
Livonia, MI
Richard May
Cleveland, OH
Spanish Timbrados
Miguel Pina
Joliet, IL
Joseph Ashworth
Sterling, MI