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Future Show Site Information and Rotation Site Map

To be accessible to the entire country NBS strives to stage the National show in various locations. The map shows the four regions and our ideal is to locate sequentially from first thru fourth region.

Impacting the choices is the availability of a suitable show hall and a host club at that location.


NBS Site Rotation Schedule 

2016 To be held in St. Charles, IL


roation map

Hosting a National can be a rewarding and profitable experience for your club.  The key to success is largely in negotiating a favorable contract with the hotel for rooms and show space.  Directors John Muscato  & Robert Wild can provide information to anyone interested in hosting the show.  Contact them at or


An information packet is available which notes the obligations of a host club and the National  plus show site requirements and more.

There are many areas of possible income for your club.  Click here for brief pdf presentation of the usual division of various aspects of the show:


HOST                                              NATIONAL

Lease show/hotel                           Sponsor and conduct show

Supervise show site                       Provide show catalog

Judging stands/lights                     Provide trophies and rosettes

Show hall security                           Employ judges

Hospitality and banquet                  Obtain commercial booths

Bird sale room/raffle                       Supply show record books        

Show insurance                               Governing responsibility



National Cage Bird Show Site Requirements: 

20,000 - 25,000 square foot show hall.  Setup Wednesday pm is preferred.  Space needed Thursday thru Saturday for judging area and commercial booths. Booths can be in another area, about 5,000 square foot,  if main hall is not large enough for both set-ups. In addition to booths this room  needs about 300 tables.  Combination of sizes will work.    NBS can supply a floor plan with layout of tables and  electric outlet needs for the judging area. Additional space, 5,000 square feet, may be needed for the bird sale area. 

Large room to accommodate 300 for hospitality event  Friday night 7pm.  Round tables, small dance floor, cash bar. Same room used Saturday for meeting 2-3pm.  Set up can be similar to prior event.  Need podium and head table for those chairing meeting.  Same room for banquet Saturday night 7pm for 200-250.  Head table and podium needed. 

Six small rooms Thursday thru Saturday.  Rooms are "in pairs of two" as one is to hold birds waiting to be judged and one is for judging.  Size is similar to regular sleeping room.  

Four meeting rooms Saturday for groups of 15 to 50 people.

Boardroom or classroom setup.  7am to 2pm.  

Additional meeting rooms for Thursday evening may be needed. These would be for about 50 people, classroom style from 7pm to 11pm.  To be priced individually for us to allocate to users.


Clubs wishing to put in a bid to host a future National should contact John or Robert.  They can assist you with more information about hotel requirements and tips to make the event a financial success. Your bid can be presented to the Board of Directors at the Spring meeting.